Eztansa Technologies (P) Ltd (EZT) was started in 2000 to provide Competitive and World-class quality-maintained IT Services. Now we are growing fast to became a top leader in IT field. Eztansa Technologies (P) Ltd defines designs and deploys business solutions as well as Educational Solutions that supports a number of customers to improve their business face. Also Cicadosoft provide services by lea verging our domain areas and business solutions. We strive to deliver innovative solutions that exceed customer expectations, through an organizational culture that encourages continuous improvement of the Quality management system and individual commitment to quality.

We pay very high emphasis on quality and we understand the importance of developing defect free solutions. In an attempt to maximize customer satisfaction, Eztansa Technologies is firmly committed to continually working towards improving its quality processes. We have offshore, outsource and corporate business wings to deliver high quality products and services. The entire software development process follows an established standard that conforms to the requirements as per customer specifications. The processes Eztansa technologies follows for requirements study, design, coding, testing and support are in accordance with the ISO 9001:2000 standards. The Software Quality Assurance (SQA) group is responsible for monitoring and improving quality processes and systems. The SQA monitors the quality processes followed by various project teams at Eztansa Technologies.

Eztansa Technologies mission is to provide our clients with the ability to accelerate their business, to extract the greatest value from their IT initiatives, and to compete more effectively. This global vision allows our clients to leverage the best of worldwide skills and technology in the most cost effective manner. The benefits to our clients come in the form of accelerated project completion, significant cost savings and the ability to more strongly focus on core competencies all of which help our clients compete in a more efficient, effective and productive manner.

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