At Eztansa Technologies, we help people come together with purpose and passion, to achieve extraordinary things. We offer limitless opportunities to learn and excel in any area that an employee chooses, and support him or her through the learning and growing experience. EZT grow into their roles based on their competence and appetite for higher challenges. We foster relationships between people within the organization and would strive to maintain the 'family' within Eztansa Technologies. Our technical and support resources rank among the best in the industry. The Human Resources function is vested with the responsibility of identifying and sourcing talent from the industry as well as grooming and developing them into capable and successful members of the organization. We enable the delivery of exceptional service to the customer so that it is viewed not as an exception, but as " the way we do business ".

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   To remain at the cutting edge is a daunting task. The aim of our HR initiative is to make it possible. Some important features of our HR program are:

  1. Hands-on training on challenging assignments.

  2. Extensive technical and functional training in relevant areas.

  3. Imparting of soft skills and linguistic training.

  4. Excellent remuneration packages to attract and retain talent.

  5. Leadership development to groom future leaders.

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